Body at Mesa Riverview Identified

Law enforcement officials were contacted on February 1 when a landscaper found a body among bushes in the parking lot of Bass Pro Shops at Mesa Riverview, a shopping complex in northwest Mesa.

According to  authorities, the body of Arthur Douglas Harmon, 70, was found with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound by a landscaper.  Harmon was wanted for the shooting of two men and a woman in central Phoenix on January 31 of last year.

According to Phoenix police, Harmon drew a gun and shot Steve Singer, 48, Mark Hummels, 43, and an unidentified 32-year-old woman at the end of a mediation session.  Singer died hours after the shooting, and Hummels, who is an attorney with the Phoenix law firm Osborn Maledon, is in critical condition at a valley hospital.

The shooting stemmed from a lawsuit Harmon had filed against Singer last April.  According to court documents, Singer, who was the CEO of Fusion Contact Centers LLC based out of Scottsdale, had hired Harmon to refurbish office cubicles at two call centers in California.  Harmon was paid $30,000 of the agreed upon $47,000, but the company not only refused to pay the remaining $17,000 of the contract, but wanted Harmon to repay much of the money he had been paid when they discovered the cubicles could not be refurbished.

In his lawsuit, Harmon argued that Fusion hung him out to dry by telling him to remove and store 206 worthless work stations.  His lawsuit sought payment for the remainder of the contract, plus $20,000 in damages.  The mediation meeting was scheduled for the two parties in the lawsuit to amicably reach a settlement, but tragically ended in violence instead.

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