Governor Brewer in Favor of Officers on AZ School Campuses

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is leaning towards restoring some of the state funds for schools to hire trained police officers to protect educational campuses across the state.  In an interview with Capitol Media Services, Governor Brewer said she did not want armed educators, principals or volunteers in public schools.

The governor’s plan agrees with that of House Minority Leader Chad Campbell who also wants to see police officers on school campuses, and not armed teachers. 

In an attempt to balance the state budget, funds for the so-called “school resource officers” were sharply cut in recent years.  Fortunately for Arizona schools, there is a possible $600 million surplus for the coming year, part of which could be used to assist in financing protection for public schools.

However, although Governor Brewer does wants “our most precious resources safe,” the $100 million that Campbell’s plan calls for more to hire more officers is “unrealistic.”  She gave details on her own plan at her State of the State address.

The governor did acknowledge that she is at odds were some of her Republican colleagues who believe the best way to protect students is to have more people armed at schools. 

One individual who believes that each school should designate a single individual with access to weapons is Attorney General Tom Horne.  Another Arizona politician, Maricopa County attorney Bill Montgomery, has said that those teachers who currently own guns should be able to bring them to work.

Governor Brewer is against any additional restrictions on weapons stating that “the bottom line is that it’s part of the Constitution … it’s the Second Amendment of the land.”

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