Three Arrested in Armed Robbery of Tempe Store

On January 19, three men burst into Discount Appliance at 48th Street and University Drive and robbed the store.  During the armed robbery an employee of the appliance store was wounded. 

After the robbery, law enforcement officials released surveillance camera photos of the suspects and asked the public’s assistance in finding the three men.  According to Sgt. Mike Pooley of the Tempe Police Department, investigators received a tip that led to the arrest of the three suspects in the armed robbery.  Arrested last week, were Gary Beckstead, Christopher Ridgway and Charles Eaton.  

Sgt. Pooley reported the robbery was not a spur of the moment crime.  “It was a very violent crime,” he said, and added the crime had been planned out.

Two of the suspects, 44-year-old Beckstead, and 32-year-old Eaton, are facing charges of armed robbery, kidnapping and assault.  The other suspect in the robbery 33-year-old Ridgway, is facing a charge of armed robbery.

When accused of any type of violent crime, such as armed robbery, it is essential to have an aggressive and experienced criminal defense team on your side.   In a high profile case, prosecutors are eager to convict  and may bring charges without fully investigating the case, which can lead to mistakes in the investigation, in interviewing witnesses  and in the handling of evidence.  An experienced, knowledgeable defense attorney will be able to identify weaknesses and mistakes in the prosecution’s case, mistakes and weaknesses that can often times lead to an acquittal or dismissal of charges.  An experienced Arizona attorney will provide the dedication  and aggressive representation needed to protect your rights and future.

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