Violent Crime

Client Initials Charges Outcome Notes
MC Leaving the Scene of Accident Involving death Jury Trial: Acquittal
RH Aggravated Assault w/gun(allegation of domestic violence) Pled to Misdemeanor for Disorderly Conduct. Received no jail
MK Attempted Murder Jury Trial: Acquitted
HP Aggravated Assault(Accused of causing broken nose and rib on grandmother for brawl in stands at Suns game) Jury Trial:Acquitted of Aggravated AssaultConvicted of Misdemeanor Assault
LS Aggravated Assault, A Dangerous Offense:(alcohol related motor vehicle accident: one passenger was DOA on scene and resuscitated, one passenger had foot almost completely severed) Original offer was 10 years prison. Client accepted plea to probation.
PT Aggravated Assault (2/4 as weapon causing broken bones Probation with 30 days jail
ML Aggravated Assault (broken nose and cheek bone of woman on date) Jury Trial:Acquitted of Aggravated AssaultConvicted of Misdemeanor Assault
DS 2 Counts Aggravated Assault on Officer, each count a Dangerous Offense2 Counts Threatening and Intimidating(Client was member of motorcycle “gang” accused of pointing guns on officers) Jury Trial:Acquitted of all charges
FH Stalking, Burglary, Aggravated Assault Jury Trial:Acquitted of all charges
EA Resisting Arrest, Aggravated Assault on Officer Jury Trial:Acquitted of all Charges
JP Aggravated Assault on Officer: 2 Counts, each a Dangerous Offense Motion to Dismiss granted as a result of Officer’s illegal conduct in entering client’s home without warrant

PLEASE NOTE: Each of the results noted was based on the facts of the individual case and the hard work and experience I provided to my clients. My defense must always be based upon the evidence, the law, and our relationship and presentation to the court, prosecutor and jury.

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