Sex Crimes

Client Initials Charges Outcome Notes
DS 10 Counts Sexual Exploitation of a Minor Original offer was prison. Client received probation offer.
JC Sexual Abuse Pled to undesignated offense to attempted sexual abuse. Received probation with NO sex offender terms and No registration as a sex offender. Offense to be designated a misdemeanor upon completion.
RC Sexual Misconduct with a Minor NO charges filed
SG 10 Counts Sexual Exploitation of a Minor Case dismissed on Motion to Suppress
JM 10 Counts Sexual Exploitation of a Minor Case dismissed on Motion to Suppress
RJ Sexual Conduct with a Minor Client pled and received probation. And, Charges for sexual exploitation of a minor for child pornography on client’s computer were not charged as condition of plea
SK 8 Counts of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor(7 Class 2 felonies, 1 Class 6 felony) Jury Trial: Acquitted of the 7, Class 2 felonies. Convicted of the Class 6 felony. Received probation. State’s expert lost professional license.
ML Sexual Assault Grand Jury returned NO BILL (no charges filed. Case subsequently refiled as Aggravated Assault. After jury trial, client acquitted of felony assault, convicted of only a misdemeanor assault.
SW Indecent Exposure Dismissed on Motion for SanctionsCase refiled: Client acquitted at trial
AZ Sexual Misconduct with a Minor(7 counts with fiance’s daughter) Client pled to probation on an undesignated offense with 30 days jail.Offense to be reduced to misdemeanor upon successful completion of probation.
ME Indecent Exposure Jury Trial: Acquittal
AO 3 Counts of Sexual Molestation(Client was nurse accused of molesting patients) Jury Trial: Convicted of 1 count, probation eligible. Client elected to serve term in prison (12 months) to avoid lifetime probation
JH Public Sexual Indecency, Prostitution Acquitted

PLEASE NOTE: Each of the results noted was based on the facts of the individual case and the hard work and experience I provided to my clients. My defense must always be based upon the evidence, the law, and our relationship and presentation to the court, prosecutor and jury.

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