Drug Crime

Client Initials Charges Outcome Notes
DK Involving Minor in Drug OffenseTransport Marijuana for SalePossession of Marijuana for SalePossession of Narcotic DrugPossession of Drug Paraphernalia Indicted-Motion to Remand grantedIndicted 2nd time- Motion to Remand again grantedComplaint filed and preliminary hearing held: State unable to prove sufficient evidenceALL CHARGES FINALLY DROPPED BY STATE
DM Possession of Marijuana for Sale (40 lbs.)Transportation of Marijuana for Sale Complaint filed:Case dismissed prior to preliminary hearing as a result of proving lack of knowledge that client’s vehicle contained the marijuana
JM Possession of Dangerous Drugs (steroids) Deferred prosecution
AW Possession of Marijuana for Sale(3 TONS)Transportation of Marijuana for SaleClient had prior for same conduct Original offer was 8-10 years. Client accepted prison term of 2.5 years with one year credit.
NP Possession of Dangerous DrugsPossession of Drug Paraphernalia7 prior drug felonies13 prior drug misdemeanors Original offer was prison. Client received probation

PLEASE NOTE: Each of the results noted was based on the facts of the individual case and the hard work and experience I provided to my clients. My defense must always be based upon the evidence, the law, and our relationship and presentation to the court, prosecutor and jury.

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