Domestic Violence

Client Initials Charges Outcome Notes
MP Criminal Damage and Disorderly Conduct Case Dismissed
HT Order of Protection with domestic violence allegations(Pinal County)
Criminal Investigation Closed on the Domestic Allegations
Dismissed after hearing
RH Aggravated Assault with gun (domestic violence) Pled to misdemeanor for disorderly conduct. Received NO jail
SK Interfering with Judicial Proceedings (IJP) Directed verdict-dismissed at trial
PC Interfering with Judicial Proceedings (IJP) Acquitted
WL Interfering with Judicial Proceedings (IJP) Acquitted
JS Criminal Damage (allegation of domestic violence) Case dismissed after filing after proving to prosecutor the State’s victim and eyewitness lied and framed ex-husband
TC Criminal Trespass (domestic violence) w/ prior conviction committed on probation Dismissed after filing when proving to prosecutor victim lied and framed client
FH Stalking, Burglary, Aggravated Assault (domestic violence) Jury Trial:Acquitted of all charges
BL Assault Bench Trial: Acquitted

PLEASE NOTE: Each of the results noted was based on the facts of the individual case and the hard work and experience I provided to my clients. My defense must always be based upon the evidence, the law, and our relationship and presentation to the court, prosecutor and jury.

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