The Risk of DUI

Arizona is one of the toughest places to get nailed for a DUI arrest, the average cost of which being well over $10,000 after spikes in insurance policies hit. The matter is even more condemning when you consider the rates are nearly doubled with an extreme citation.

State law requires DUI offenders to purchase an interlock device to use in conjunction with their vehicle. Not only is the initial purchase expensive, maintaining the interlock device requires significant payments over time. This added strike against you can add a serious backlog of charges to your financial situation should you be unfortunate enough to be convicted.

The holiday season is considered higher in risk for DUI offenses, people celebrating having a tendency to drink and get behind the wheel. Law enforcement advises strongly against taking any chances, aside from the obvious risk of life the charges incurred with a conviction are practically astronomical.

Some experts advise that anyone who orders a third consecutive drink should automatically tack on the amount of money for cab fare – with the staggering cost of DUI charges it’s better to be safe than sorry. Take genuine precaution when driving your own vehicle this holiday season.

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