Mesa Police Make Multiple Heroin Arrests

Earlier this month, Mesa Police arrested several people in separate incidents for suspected heroin use and intent to sell.

According to, the Mesa Police Department reported  officers responded to a 911 domestic disturbance report that a man was attempting to lure a woman into his vehicle near Greenfield and Broadway Roads.

Police stopped the vehicle, and found a woman inside crying saying she and the man had been arguing on the road.  While speaking with police, the man tried to grab something out of the woman’s purse.  After receiving permission to search the purse and vehicle, police found a syringe, a small piece of plastic containing a gray, chalky substance that was later identified as heroin, two glass pipes with burn residue consistent with methamphetamine use, a prescription bottle with various pills, several straws and spoons and a liquid prescription  bottle labeled methadone that was not prescribed to either the man or the woman. 

Ronnie Harb, 23, was arrested and booked on counts of possession of narcotic drugs and drug paraphernalia, according to police records.  Harb admitted to smoking methamphetamine and injecting heroin earlier that day. 

Earlier that same day, officers arrested Thomas Schertz, after  a traffic stop near Baseline and Alma School Roads.  Officers stopped Schertz for having a white light in the rear of his vehicle and while talking with him,  noticed a syringe on the floor of the car and track marks on Schertz’s arm, as well.  When officers asked him where his heroin was, Schertz pulled out a small baggie containing a substance that was later identified as heroin. Police records show that Schertz was booked on counts of possession of narcotics for sale and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

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