Another day, Another Teacher Sex Crime

It really is amazing that every day, there is another report of teacher involved in some form of sexual conduct with a minor. As reported by the Arizona Republic, today’s suspect is Nicole Wooten, a phys ed teacher in the Phoenix Elementary School district. Ms. Wooten was arrested for sexual conduct with a minor for acts committed against an 8th grader in 2005-2006. If convicted, she is facing a lengthy, mandatory prison term. And, in most cases, the prison term is followed by lifetime probation and registration as a sex offender.

An arrest is not proof of anything.  Once an allegation is made, or you become aware law enforcement is involved, you must fight for your freedom.

If you are ever investigated for an allegation of any sexual crime, you need a Specialist in Criminal Law fighting for your rights. Don’t hesitate to call a Criminal Law Specialist and Expert in Sex Crimes at the  Law Office of Howard A. Snader.

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