Internet Crimes

Internet crimes are loosely defined as criminal actions that involve the use of computers or the Internet. Internet crimes can include child pornography (also known as sexual exploitation of a minor), fraud and embezzlement or other so-called white-collar crimes. Prosecutors usually build their cases by trying to link the accused with the alleged criminal activity. Although computers do indeed retain information that allows experts to identify past criminal behavior, it is often more difficult to actually link an individual to the computer or computers in question.

Internet Crimes Lawyer in Phoenix

A skilled and experienced defense lawyer will work hard to force the prosecution to prove its case. At my Phoenix-area law firm, the Law Offices of Howard A. Snader, LLC, I defend individuals charged with all types of Internet crimes. I have a record of accomplishment that includes many acquittals, dismissals and reduced charges. My success in Internet crime cases is based upon my many years of criminal law experience and my certification by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization as a Criminal Law Specialist.

Examples of Internet Crimes

I aggressively defend clients charged with Internet crimes, including:

  • Theft of credit card numbers
  • Identify theft
  • Sex crimes, including possession of child pornography (sexual exploitation of a minor) or solicitation
  • Conducting a Ponzi scheme via the Internet
  • False claims
  • Impersonation
  • Online auction fraud such as a false listing on Craigslist or EBay
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Securities fraud

I am able to identify flaws in the prosecution’s case and build strong arguments for my clients in cases such as these. I consult with computer forensic specialists to determine the accuracy of the evidence and the strength of the connection between my client and the computer under investigation.

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It is important to consult a lawyer immediately if you think you have become the subject of an investigation. This allows me to protect your rights and strengthen your defense during the investigative stage of the case. Do not wait until you are arrested or charged.

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