The State of Arizona and most of our municipal jurisdictions do not look kindly upon prostitution. Any conviction is likely to mean fines and mandatory jail time. The best course of defense is to get advice from an experienced attorney who is ready and willing to fight for your rights and your freedom.

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Prostitution Defense for Men and Women

Prostitution is defined as offering, agreeing to or engaging in sexual conduct with another person for a fee. Both men and women can be arrested for prostitution or for solicitation of a prostitute.

Unlike crimes involving drugs or alcohol, most prosecutors and courts do not refer people to diversion programs or counseling in cases involving sex crimes. This is very unfortunate, because many people arrested for prostitution are facing the very same issues, such as addiction, homelessness, and family violence.

When prosecutors and courts do make a referral, there are programs for women often offered through women’s shelters. Unfortunately, there are few diversion programs available for men.

Again however, most prosecutors see prostitution as a sex offense. They are not open to plea bargains; they are out for conviction.

If you have been arrested for prostitution or solicitation, it is essential to obtain an attorney who will thoroughly prepare a solid defense. This could include conducting interviews, filing motions and making court appearances. It also includes effective negotiation — but also a willingness to play hardball when it is in your best interests.

As a Criminal Law Specialist certified by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization as well as a former Maricopa County prosecutor, I am ready to challenge the validity of your arrest, including any search warrant, and the process of interrogation. I will do what it takes to build and present a strong defense for you.

Choose an attorney who readies a case for trial even if the case never makes it that far. Choose me, attorney Howard Snader.

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