Phoenix, Arizona, Sex Crime Defense

In our culture, sexual offenses are viewed as being especially depraved. Although everyone accused of any crime is supposed to be considered innocent in the eyes of the law until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, if you’ve been accused of a sex crime in Arizona, you may feel that you’ve been judged guilty by society, even before you’ve had your day in court.

Not only may you find that you have been judged guilty in the court of public opinion without a trial, sex crime convictions come with extended penalties that impede your ability to resume a normal life after serving time. Convicted sex offenders are required to register as such wherever they live.  Your name, photo, address, and a description of your charges will be made public, posted on the Internet and elsewhere for everyone to see. As a registered sex offender, you may be kept from living in certain areas and prohibited from certain types of employment, and you will carry the stigma of a sex crime conviction with you for the rest of your life. Arizona’s Department of Public Safety has reported that there were about 14,500 sex offenders in the state in 2012.

Defenses Are Available to Fight Sex Crime Allegations

If you have been accused of a sex crime, you have every reason to fight the charge as aggressively as you can, using the most qualified lawyer you can find to represent you. False accusations have been known to occur, sometimes involving wealthy people and celebrities, but also arising from hotly contested child custody battles and scorned lovers seeking revenge.

These are some of the potential defenses to a sex crime accusation:

  • You couldn’t have committed the crime because you have an alibi that proves you were somewhere else at the time
  • You were not physically capable of performing the alleged act;
  • You were mistakenly identified by the alleged victim;
  • The alleged victim consented to the sexual act.  However, certain individuals are not legally able to consent to sex. An alleged victim who was a minor, mentally disabled, unconscious, or intoxicated lacked the legal capacity to consent.

Hire a Top Rated Phoenix Sex Crimes Lawyer

When you need expert representation, it is in your best interest to choose a credentialed, board certified criminal law specialist to represent you. That way, you’ll know that your attorney is not only experienced but has passed a rigorous examination of his legal knowledge and a review of his abilities and ethics by his legal peers.

In the Phoenix area, you can get the specialized advocacy you need by calling the law office of Howard A. Snader, LLC. Howard is a certified Criminal Law Specialist, having received that designation from the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization. He has an outstanding record of obtaining the best available outcomes for thousands of clients accused of various types of crimes, including sex crimes. He has the highest possible AVVO rating—10—Superb.

Howard will examine the police procedure before, during, and after your arrest to discover if your rights were violated in any way. He will examine possible motives for a false accusation, and will look for the best defense strategy in your particular situation. No lawyer is legally allowed to promise you a particular outcome, since every case is different; but with Howard Snader on your team, you can be guaranteed a powerful and aggressive defense and honest, straightforward answers to all of your questions about your case.

If you’ve been questioned or arrested after being accused of a sexually-related offense, waste no time in calling the Phoenix, Arizona, law office of Howard A. Snader, LLC,  to ensure that your rights are protected with professional representation that will give you the best chance at a favorable resolution of your case.