Child or Elder Abuse

Arizona Defense Lawyer for Child/Elder Abuse Charges

The judges and prosecutors, not to mention the public, have very little tolerance of abusive actions toward the elderly and toward children. If you are facing allegations or charges, true or false, you likely have a challenging battle ahead of you. Your best course of action is to obtain an experienced defense attorney.

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Call as Soon as You Suspect You Are Being Investigated

Abuse involves intentionally putting children or vulnerable adults in a position to be hurt. Abusive actions can include physical violence, such as hitting, as well as abandonment. Failure to protect children and elders, such as by having untethered dangerous animals, not having pool fence, or having drugs in the house can be considered criminal neglect.

In Arizona, the judicial system is not opposed to multiple charges, so prosecutors freely stack charges thereby complicating the case. For example, if there were drugs in the house during a police search, in addition to a charge of child abuse, additional charges may be added, such as child endangerment.

Before allegations and charges begin to stack up, call me. As a Criminal Law Specialist Certified by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization as well as a former prosecutor, I know how essential it is to begin mounting your defense right away.

To preserve evidence as well as your reputation when allegations or charges of child abuse or elder abuse are brought against you, call me as soon as you suspect you are the target of an investigation. Even if you believe you are innocent, call me and I will tell you if you have need for concern.

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