Boating OUI

Arizona Boating OUI Defense Lawyer

It happens to so many people. A day spent boating on Lake Pleasant or any one of the lakes or waterways in central Arizona becomes a day spent drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages. Suddenly, you find yourself over the legal limit and being charged with drunk driving or operating a boat under the influence of alcohol. Like most people, you probably didn’t realize that you were pushing the limits until it was too late. Now you need an experienced DUI defense lawyer who can help you protect your rights and your future.

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At the Law Offices of Howard Snader in Phoenix, Arizona, we provide the aggressive, skillful DWI and boating OUI defense you can rely on with confidence.

Lake Havasu Operating Under the Influence Attorneys

We know how prosecutors are likely to compile evidence against you when seeking a conviction, and we know boating OUI defense strategies that can help you stay out of jail and get the best possible outcome for your charges.

Our Arizona boating OUI defense representation includes:

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