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Despite common belief, wiretapping is not used frequently as an investigative method. Law enforcement uses legal wiretaps to gather evidence of what they suspect are large conspiracies or ongoing criminal activity.

If you believe you are under investigation or have received notice of court appearance, it is in your best interest to obtain a defense attorney immediately.

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Wiretaps May Violate Your Rights

The regulations allowing for wiretaps are extremely stringent. If police do not follow strict Federal and State procedures, any illegal wiretap evidence may be considered inadmissible in court, resulting in charges being dropped.

Because of the potential for losing a case, police and prosecutors are careful to follow all requirements when pursuing wiretaps. If you have been arrested for anything from drug conspiracy to gambling and high-dollar crimes due to evidence obtained from wiretapping, your best defense is to obtain a qualified and experienced attorney. Do not make the mistake of providing incriminating statements. Let your attorney speak for you so you do not jeopardize your case.

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