Defense Against Marijuana Charges in Arizona

Marijuana laws are changing; it is being legalized for medical use in some states, including Arizona, and in others for recreational use as well. In a number of states it has not become legal but has been decriminalized—knocked down to a civil offense rather than a crime.

Although there is a movement in Arizona to join neighboring Colorado in legalization of recreational marijuana, it is currently a crime, and a serious one at that: a Class 6 felony. At this time, marijuana use is legal for medical use only.

Until a change is in effect, marijuana remains on the books as a Schedule I substance, right up there next to heroin and LSD! In the United States, around 750,000 people are arrested on marijuana charges every year. Nationwide, more than 650,000 of those arrests are for simple possession.

Regardless of your feelings about legalization of pot as a political or social issue, possessing it or selling it can still get you convicted of a drug crime in Arizona. Marijuana possession cases generally charged as felonies in Arizona. A felony conviction can impose serious limitations on your options in life, in addition to the immediate penalties, which include possible jail time, high fines, drug treatment, and loss of your civil rights.

Defenses Are Available Against Marijuana Charges

There are effective legal defenses available to fight marijuana charges, and hiring an experienced drug defense attorney can have a favorable effect on the outcome. A highly skilled lawyer may be able to get the charges dropped or reduced, or even prevent charges from being filed.

Depending upon whether you are being charged with a felony or misdemeanor, you could be facing a lengthy prison term, supervised probation with jail time, and substantial drug treatment and counseling.

How Do You Choose the Best Lawyer for Your Marijuana Case?

The Arizona Bar allows the top lawyers in a particular practice area to become “board certified” as specialists in their field. This can help you make a good choice and feel confident that you are in good hands when you hire a Criminal Law Specialist who is certified by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization.

Phoenix Area Criminal Law Specialist for Marijuana Defense

Howard A. Snader is a highly experienced and top-rated board certified Criminal Law Specialist who has built a successful criminal law practice in Phoenix. He has earned the respect of clients and legal peers for his excellent record of obtaining favorable outcomes for clients during his years as a Maricopa County criminal defense lawyer. He has helped many clients avoid the harsh penalties associated with a felony conviction.

If you or someone you love is facing a state or federal marijuana-related criminal charge, don’t risk the draconian punishments that are still possible in Arizona. Don’t take a chance with a public defender or a less qualified attorney. Too much is at stake to take that kind of risk with your future. Contact Howard A. Snader for the aggressive and rigorous expert defense that a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist can provide. Don’t wait to see how things play out, because the earlier you get Howard working for your defense, the better the opportunity for a quick and favorable resolution of your case. Put Howard Snader’s passion for justice, the Constitution, and the rights of the accused to work for you today.