Cultivation and Manufacturing

Defense Lawyer for Drug Manufacturing Charges

The state of Arizona has taken a tough stance against those found cultivating or manufacturing illegal drugs. If you are under investigation or are facing felony charges pertaining to the growing or manufacture of illegal drugs, it is in your best interest to obtain a defense attorney immediately.

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Consider All Potential Charges Related to Cultivation and Manufacturing Labs

The most typical offenses charged in relation to drug cultivation or manufacturing labs (meth labs) are possession with intent to sell and distribution of drugs. These drug charges themselves are felonies with the potential for long sentences. You should also know that additional “companion” charges may also be brought against you.

For example, when authorities find children in homes used as marijuana grow houses or meth lab, parents may face child endangerment and/or child abuse charges for exposing their children do these dangerous substances. Or, if a defendant kept a hunting rifle in a cabin where he operated a cultivation or manufacturing lab, he could be facing an additional weapons count.

Property Owners Face Damage and Property Loss

Even if they are not involved in growing or manufacturing drugs, property owners can be severely impacted by an investigation relating to drug cultivation or manufacturing labs.

If property owners do not get advice from an experienced attorney immediately upon the initial property seizure, they may never get that property back. If your property was seized because the police believe it was involved in criminal activity, your property may be subject to permanent forfeiture.

Since 1990, the legal team at the Law Offices of Howard A. Snader has provided effective representation for clients facing drug-related charges in Arizona.

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