Arizona Drug Crime Defense

When you’ve been arrested for a drug crime in Arizona, you potentially have a lot to lose. Drug crimes are felonies in Arizona. If you’re convicted, penalties can include many years in prison, with extra time if a minor is involved or if you have prior felony convictions. There is a wide range of drug crimes you can be charged with, depending on the specific type of drug, the amount in your possession, and whether there was evidence that you were distributing the drug to others. Penalties range from 4 months in jail to a 12.5 year prison term, in addition to fines.

Furthermore, once you’re a convicted felon, you will face obstacles to finding employment, housing, and financing for higher education. You will lose your right to vote and to own a weapon, and you’ll be precluded from holding public office.

At this time, although there has been discussion about legalization or decriminalization, except for very limited medical purposes, marijuana possession is a felony in Arizona.

What to Do When You’ve Been Arrested for a Drug Crime in Arizona

Although you have every reason to be afraid for your future, making the right decisions at this time can make an enormous difference in the outcome of your case:

  • Ask to call a lawyer immediately.
  • Remain silent.
  • Hire the best Arizona criminal defense lawyer you can find.

The first important decision to make is to insist on calling a lawyer immediately, and not to talk to police or prosecutors without your attorney present. Politely assert your right to remain silent. Do not allow police interrogators to trick you into talking by suggesting that asking for a lawyer is indicative of guilt. Do not explain your side of the story. Simply remain silent until you’ve contacted the best lawyer you can find.

Do not accept a public defender, even if your income is low and you qualify. Public defenders are typically overwhelmed with huge caseloads. You can’t really blame them if they try to push defendants into a quick plea bargain so they can move on to the next case. They simply don’t have the time to prepare a real defense.

You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer, and when you’re facing a serious felony charge for a drug crime, not just any defense lawyer will do. For the best results, it is safer to hire a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist who will take the time to thoroughly investigate the facts of your case, the way the evidence was obtained, and the procedure the police followed in arresting you. You will not regret making the effort to hire a lawyer with enough time to focus on your case and your needs. So gather together your resources and hire only the most qualified attorney you can find.

Phoenix and Scottsdale Area Board Certified Criminal Attorney for Drug Crime Defense

If you or someone you love has been accused of a drug crime in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or the surrounding area, a top choice in a board certified defense lawyer is Howard A. Snader. Howard has chalked up an impressive record of having charges dismissed or reduced, obtaining conditional releases, minimizing jail time, and winning acquittals at trial for his clients in wide range of Arizona drug cases. He has proven his high level of knowledge and ability again and again, and has earned the respect of clients and peers in the legal community. Howard believes in the US Constitution and the rights it guarantees to the accused to due process, to legal counsel, and to the best defense available. It is his personal mission to protect those rights and deliver a high level of legal representation to every client he represents.

When you’ve been questioned or arrested or think you’re about to be, call the law office of Howard A. Snader, LLC, immediately to protect your rights and to maximize the chance of retaining your freedom. The first consultation is free, and easy payment plans are available.