Collateral Consequences

Before you decide that pleading guilty to your domestic violence charges is your best option, it is best to first understand the full legal consequences of a guilty plea. In addition to the obvious and most severe potential consequences — probation and jail time — the collateral legal consequences of a guilty plea or conviction for domestic violence can include:

  • Weapons consequences. A conviction for domestic violence will bar you from owning or carrying a firearm, including hunting rifles and guns used on the job.
  • Immigration consequences. When law enforcement officials charge immigrants with domestic violence, they often tip off the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). A conviction can lead to deportation.
  • Child custody consequences. Charges and a conviction for domestic violence can weaken your case when fighting for custody and visitation rights.
  • Suspension of professional licenses.
  • A permanent criminal record.
  • Mandatory counseling at your expense.
  • The loss of your right to vote.

Perhaps most importantly, a guilty plea or conviction for domestic violence will serve to make future charges and consequences more severe.

If you face domestic violence charges, the Law Offices of Howard A. Snader, LLC can help. Criminal defense lawyer Howard Snader is a former prosecutor and a certified criminal law specialist, and has handled thousands of criminal cases. We can effectively fight your domestic violence criminal charges and work to prevent or reduce all legal penalties and consequences.

Collateral Consequences

Two recent cases illustrate our commitment and ability to fighting for clients’ rights.

  • In the first case, we spent 40 hours convincing prosecutors that although a gun happened to be present in the room during the domestic violence incident in question, the weapon had nothing to do with the alleged crime. We succeeded in having the charges reduced from domestic violence to disorderly conduct, with drastically reduced legal consequences.
  • In the second case, our client was accused of assault with a weapon after neighbors called the police regarding a disturbance. Though our client left the location in question to retrieve a weapon to use in self defense, he never returned. We argued for his innocence and, after months of effort, succeeded in having the charges dismissed. We believe that, had another attorney handled the case, our client may have faced a felony conviction and jail time.

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