Domestic Violence

Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic relationships can be complicated and emotional, and they sometimes explode into fighting, threatening, intimidating, or various other forms of abuse. If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, you are facing severe penalties that go beyond those typically attached to the specific charge. You may be facing jail time, probation, domestic violence classes at your own expense, the loss of custody or visitation rights with your children, deportation if you are not a citizen, an order of protection, and loss of your privilege to own a gun. In addition, your reputation may be severely tarnished.

What is Domestic Violence?

In Arizona, domestic violence is not one particular crime but any of a number of abusive or criminal acts directed at someone with whom you are involved in a domestic relationship. This could be your spouse, ex-spouse, current or former dating or live-in partner, your child, the child of a current or former romantic partner, the parent of your child, someone pregnant with your child, a roommate, or any other relative in the home including parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother, sister, or in-laws.

The Arizona Domestic Violence Statute contains an extensive list of abusive behaviors that, when directed toward a person in one of these domestic categories, can be charged as domestic violence. Examples include assault and sexual assault, stalking, harassment, threatening, intimidation, violating a protective order, malicious mischief, and many others.

Considering the severity and potential repercussions of being convicted of a domestic violence charge, it is essential that you launch a rigorous opposition and fight the charge with the most qualified and experienced attorney you can find.

Finding the Right Attorney When You’ve Been Accused of Domestic Violence

Because a conviction can be potentially life-destroying, if you’ve been charged with any crime, including domestic violence, you should not risk suffering lifelong consequences without exercising your constitutional right to counsel. For the best possible outcome, that means an Arizona Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist. When you choose a lawyer with this added credential, you know that you are getting a highly experienced expert with a record of successful client representation, one who has passed a rigorous exam and has earned the endorsement of peers in the legal community. When the stakes are so high, and you can’t afford to risk having less than the best, insisting on board certification is your best course of action when choosing a defense attorney.

Board Certified Representation for Phoenix and Scottsdale Domestic Violence Charges

When you need a lawyer who has accumulated years of experience and a long record of successful dismissals, acquittals, and charge reductions in Arizona domestic violence cases and who has proved his mettle as an Arizona Certified Criminal Law Specialist, call the Phoenix law firm of Howard A. Snader, LLC, for the expert representation that you’re looking for.

Howard will investigate the circumstances that led to the charges, examine possible motives for a false accusation, take a close look at police procedure to ensure that your rights were upheld, and leave no stone unturned to identify a powerful defense. You are innocent in the eyes of the law until you are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and you will be treated as an innocent person at all times.

Howard’s passion for the US Constitution and the rights it bestows on everyone accused of a crime will be apparent from your very first meeting. Whenever possible, he will try to prevent charges from being filed. Otherwise, he will look for any possible grounds for dismissal or reduction of the charges, and consider diversionary programs when appropriate. And if necessary, he will willingly take your case to trial to seek an acquittal.

Call today. There is never a charge for the initial consultation, and easy payment plans are always available.